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EVOLUTION 27: THE Best of Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Elite Boxing held a press conference at the One World Hotel in Malaysia to confirm the details of the upcoming Evolution event scheduled to be held at the same venue's Imperial Ballroom on May 31st.

Evolution 27: The Best of Malaysia marks a number of milestones for the popular muaythai event series. In addition to being the top muaythai event series in Australia over the past 10 years having done 26 previous events there, this will be the first Evolution Event staged outside of Australia since the recent acquisition by Elite Boxing.

Evolution's founding member, Nugget McNaught, spoke of his delight at the re-launch of Evolution as an international brand. Having been instrumental in establishing Evolution as the number one muaythai brand in Australia, Nugget has spent the last 2 years partnering with EB as part of a strategy to take the event series to the global market. “Evolution 27: The Comeback is the result of a lot of hard work and planning that combines the success of Evolution in Australia and the international logistics and marketing network of EB,” explained Nugget.

Several members of the Elite Boxing Group were also in attendance at the press conference, including the Promoter Toli Makris and his fellow co-founder, Seth Fishman, who had flown in from the US. EB was also represented locally by EB Malaysia director Alex Phang and EB Malaysia’s new partner, Dragon Muaythai, represented by Leko Beh. While EB has cooperated with Leko on several projects in the past, the two companies had remained separate. However, Dragon Muaythai has now become an official representative of EB in Malaysia. Under the terms of this arrangement, Leko will be responsible for gyms and fighter development, while Alex will continue to handle the commercial side of the business.

Dato' Muhd Shahnaz Azmi of the Muaythai Malaysia Association and Stephan Fox of the World Muaythai Council were unable to attend the press conference due to commitments in Langkawi preparing for the International Foundation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA) World Championships starting on May 1. However, both sent their best wishes for the re-launch of Evolution in Malaysia.

Scheduled for May 31st, Evolution 27 - The Best of Malaysia will be held in the 5-star ballroom of One World Hotel just outside Kuala Lumpur over black tie round table dinner experience. Through the continuous strong support from the National Sports Council, Dato' Zaiton Othman, Director of Organization and Athlete Affairs expressed her delight that Malaysia had been chosen to stage such a prestigious event with global media coverage.

With the countdown to Evolution 27: The Best of Malaysia just 30 days away, team EB has now moved on to Langkawi to attend the opening ceremony of the IFMA World Championships.

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