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Kunlun Fight 68 on EliteBoxing.TV

Guizhou, China

Elite Boxing are pleased to announce a partnership with premier Kickboxing promotion Kunlun fight, to stream the upcoming Kunlun Fight 68 event, live from the Honghuagang Sport Center, Zunyi, Guizhou, China. The highlight of the show is an 8 Female Mulan Legend tournament featuring several of the Worlds best female fighters, along with four quarter final fights of the KLF 100+ kilo World Championship tournament.

There are several mouth watering super fights outside of the tournaments featuring some top names, with Andrey Checkhonin of Russia taking on Ukraines Artur Kyshenko and Thai star Aikpracha Meenayothin facing Nurla Mulali

Full line up:
Chen Jinwang (China) vs Huang Dongbo (China) 63 kilos
Zhang Yifan (China) vs Sun Shuwei (China) 70 kilos

Mulan Legend 1/4 Final 1
Magalie Alvarez (USA) VS Xu Yi (China)

Mulan Legend 1/4 Final 2
Elaine Lopez (Brazil) vs Guan Acui (China)

Mulan Legend 1/4 Final 3
Alma Juniku (Australia) vs Zhang Weili (China)

Mulan Legend 1/4 Final 4
Debora Vacirca (Italy) vs Chang Ningning (China)

2017 KLF 100+ KG World Championship 1/4 Final 1
Jairo Kusunoki (Japan) vs Asihati (China)

2017 KLF 100+ KG World Championship 1/4 Final 2
Iraj Azizpour (Iran) vs Ye Xiang (China)

2017 KLF 100+ KG World Championship 1/4 Final 3
Felipe Stievano (Brazil) vs Liu Junchao (China)

2017 KLF 100+ KG World Championship 1/4 Final 4
Roman Kryklia (Ukraine) vs Ning Tianshuai (China)

Andrey Checkhonin (Russia) vs Artur Kyshenko (Ukraine) 80 kilos

Paola Cappucci (Italy) vs Wang Kehan (China) 63 kilos 

Mulan Legend Semifinal 1
Winner fight 1 vs winner fight 2

Mulan Legend Semifinal 2
Winner fight 3 vs winner fight 4

Ali Bani (Iran) vs Zhu Baotong (China) 70 kilos
Aikpracha Meenayothin (Thailand) vs Nurla Mulali (China) 76 kilos
Artur Gorlov (Latvia) vs Guo Wenjie (China)

Mulan Legend Final
Winner semifinal 1 vs winner semifinal 2

All the action and excitement can be found live on live from 14:00 China time.



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