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Petyindee promotions 2nd February 2017

Bangkok, Thailand

Petyindee promotions put together a huge card at Ratchadamnern stadium on the 2nd of February and it was the start also of a new TV show televised on One 31 channel that will show the first three fights of a big show at the start of each month at Ratchadamnern stadium. The main event saw two of todays Muaythai superstars do battle for the third time, with Panpayak Jitmuangnon facing Superlek Mor Ratonabandit. In their previous encounters Panpayak had one points win with the other fight a draw. In the foirst three rounds it looked even as both fought a technical fight. In the fourth Superlek strated to take the fight into the clinch more and looked strong, climbing up on the neck of Panpayak an driving in hard knees to his sides. Panpayak looked a little slower than Superlek and couldn’t get himself ahead and Superlek took the decision at the finish.

In the prelude to the main event PetU-thong or Kwanmuang faced Khaimukkhao Por Thairungruangkhaamai. The action was barely underway in the second round when Khaimukkhao walked onto one of PetU-thong’s vicious elbows that sent him down for the count.

There was another fast finish in the fight between Yodlekpet Or Pitisak and Bangpleenoi Muupingaroijungbey. Yodlekpet attacked Bangpleenoi from the off with solid punches and low kicks. At first Bangpleenoi looked like he was doing a good job of soaking them up and coming in with sharp counter, but a little way into the second round Yodlekpet connected with a hard body shot that took the wind and the fight out of Bangpleenoi.

Full results:
1: Nongyot Sitjegan winner on points vs Somraknoi Muay999
2: Chai Sorjortoypadriew winner KO round 3 vs Petsongpark Sitjaroensap
3: Petdam Gaiyanghaadao vs Suakim Sitsortortaew winner on points
4: Sangfar Chor Wasan winner KO round 3 vs Thapna Sor Worasit
5: Yodlekpet Or Pitisak Winner KO round 2 vs Bangpleenoi Muupingaroijungbey
6: PetU-thong Or Kwanmuang winner KO round 2
7: Panpayak Jitmuangnon vs Superlek Mor Ratonabandit winner on points

By Rob Cox


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