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Casey Parlett Interview


As we draw closer to the first of the EFN Champions league tournaments, it’s time to introduce the fighters that are preparing to put it all on the line with the chance of a place in the Grand Final tournament on the King’s Birthday at stake.

Casey Parlett is 31 years old and hails from California in the USA. He is working hard to prepare for this tournament at Luktapfa gym in Bangkok

How did you get into Muaythai? and where did you start?
Casey: I Started training in Jeet Kune Do, with no real interest in being a fighter. After a move to Southern California I got an offer to fight Muaythai in 2007, and never looked back.

What is your fight record so far?
Casey: 14-6

How would you best describe your fighting style?
Casey: Well rounded and I like to push forward.

How is your preparation going for the EFN Champions League 4 man on the 12th?
Casey: Training is going well, putting in all of the work in and out of the gym to be 100% prepared.

Is this your first ever 4 man one-day tournament and have you prepared any differently for it than a regular 5 round fight?
Casey: Yes, first tournament of this kind for me. I use the same basic training model for 5 round fights, but with some extra running.

What fighter do you look up to the most in the sport and aspire to be like?
Casey: I tend to watch fighters that have similar builds and attributes to myself, but I don’t try to be like anybody but myself.

Outside of this tournament, what are your goals in Muaythai as a fighter?
Casey: To continue to challenge myself and fight to my full potential.

What can the fans expect from you on the 12th of August?
Casey: I always come to fight and leave it all in the ring.